Please view Little Grandmother's video.  This is an important message expressed yet another way.  

I know the human race has the intelligence to grasp this...but why has it not yet taken root?

About Reverend Irene Windhorse

Briefly, I am an Ordained Minister of All Faiths, with eclectic beliefs. Whether it is my Mohawk ancestry or something else, I am very connected to Native American ways and use these often in ceremony. When I officiate marriages or any ceremony, I honor the beliefs and customs of the people I serve and create personalized ceremonies for them.  I espouse much of several Religious Philosophies and am very interested in the ways that Quantum Physics is proving many tenets as Reality.

     I believe in the self-healing powers of our body organisms, and practice Sound, Aroma, and Energy Healing. I am a Reiki Master in Usui, SKHM, and have Chou and Dolphin Attunements. I use gongs, tuning forks, crystals, sage, etc. in my healings and meditations. I use exclusively and sell Wisdom of the Earth Essences. I wear a Germanium Crystal Necklace every day, made by Nyal Thomas Sr. and sell those too.  I am a Vitalist, and a Warrioress.  Though I honor those who serve our country, I do not believe that war creates Peace.  I believe that each of us needs to conduct a clean-sweep of Peace-Keeping in our own Hearts, and then true Change will pervade the world...I believe in the Human Race as having a capacity for implementing Greater Deeds than ever it has before; the most challenging task of All:  Peace.

     The rest of my website tells lots more about me, and I have been improving and elaborating it further...I am my own Web's interesting,  rewarding ...I love creating the pages, writing, and finding graphics to illustrate my words.


Since childhood, I was aimed toward the Spiritual.  Raised a Catholic, I had a deep reverence and love for Jesus, Mary, all the Saints and Archangels.  At the age of seven I began walking alone or sometimes with friends the 3/4 miles to church each Sunday, and for Catechism during the week.  I received Holy Communion at seven, and Confirmation at twelve years.  I was devout, giving myself practices to fulfill as I lie in bed before sleep.  Eventually our lovely Chapel was torn down, and with heavy heart I looked to where I would now worship.  Two miles away was the next choice, and as I came in to my teenage years, my walk was now in spiked heels; a practice I no longer condone.  I loved Jesus and Mary so much, I had to dress my best...God, I must admit...was still in question.  He, after all, was watching me constantly, and looking to punish I was being told!  At eighteen, I reached a point of no return...I'd always prayed all the way to church, and on the way home, too; and was anxious to hear the Word of the Lord...too many times, however, the Priest started out with "Dig deeper in your pockets this week..."  and then rushed through the Gospel, never taking the time to explain what he'd hastily read.  I left the Church.  I know much has changed since then, though but for a visit now and then I never went back as a Congregant.

I explored the Lutheran a bit but didn't stay.

I worked as a Secretary/Receptionist when I graduated High School, and most of my working life, and later as Receptionist at the Student Clinic at the Wholistic Center.  I was a Tour Guide for children at a petting farm, and Nutritional Counselor, Cashier and Deli Clerk at a Health Food Store.

At twenty I was married in the Catholic Church, and when my daughter and son were born I felt it was my responsibility to return to religion.  After struggling with a wiggly baby too many times, I gave up.  I remembered the words of Jesus; "Go into your closet and pray."  No, I didn't use the closet; but my unceasing prayer continued.

Cooking and baking became my pastime along with caretaking my children and home...I was also interested in poetry and intensely studying herbology.  I made all our own breads, spaghetti and cakes, including elaborate Birthday and Holiday cakes and pastries, and was a gourmet cook.  I applied as a Baker at a local Bakery but in those days...MEN were the official Bakers!  These days, my cooking and diet is simple.

At eighteen I'd seen the movie, "Thankyou, Dr. Lamaze," and I procured Marjorie Karmel's book of the same name, vowing that my babies would be born this way.  Unfortunately, the USA had not caught up with Europeans as yet, and when my first daughter was born I could find no doctor to assist me.  My little one was born under heavy anesthesia, and I was unable to actually awaken myself till the next day.  When the nurse brought my beautiful tiny daughter to me I had to struggle to focus my sight on her. I saw her little black and blue fingernails; a result of the drugs I was given and I wept and wept before the latent drugs "Twilight" took me under again.  When I awoke I wept again.  It was a difficult recovery, and I swore I'd find a Lamaze doctor next time.

While I did find a Lamaze Teacher, there still were no doctors paying attention.  I found one who was willing to work with me, "as long as you tell me what to do..." and he did his best...but had no clue as to how to support my efforts.  I was allowed lollipops and ice cubes and had managed to have my husband permitted to stay during labor, which was huge in those days.  As soon as the birth was in progress, they chased him off (and he glad of it; having been taught to fear the process) and again I was alone.  Eventually I succumbed to exhaustion and repeated suggestions that I take some Demerol..."half the dose."  It put me to sleep and I'd awaken in the height of a contraction, unable to recover my rhythmic breathing.  At length my healthy Son arrived and we went on from there.

Next, with the same doctor, I prepared to deliver child three.  A long labor and still trying to do it alone (without a Coach), I agreed to succumb to Epidural, "which will allow you to stay awake and see the birth."  Many years later I realized it was a Kundalini experience that rocked the foundations of my mind, body and spirit when that shot soared upward through my spinal fluid and smashed into my brain, leaving me feeling as though it had taken part of it with it into outer space!  After the birth of this daughter, I was nervous and anemic.  It took some time to recover and feel strong and healthy once again.

Now child four was due...same doctor, and this time, I prayed, begged, cried and told my husband this was his last chance to see his child come into the world.  He reluctantly agreed to attend the whole birth, to attend the training and to actually help me during labor.  NO drugs!  My labor was still three days long, but I delivered my third daughter naturally, with the breathing techniques and effleurage so aptly taught by an attentive, caring Dr. Lamaze and Mrs. Bing, his Nurse.

Diana, my friend since Grammar School and the days of the little Chapel, told me about LaLeche League when I was about to give up on breastfeeding my second-born, my Son.  I began going to meetings and then was asked to start the first Nassau County group in 1967.  Before I knew it, I was President of the Nassau County, NY Chapter of LaLeche League International.  It's a great joy to attend Reunions now and then with the wonderful women I met and worked with at that time, and to meet those who are keeping this important organization going! It was there that I began to have support as a woman, and where I was able to listen and also to be heard about the little-discussed issues of food concerns, child rearing and what later became named Ecology.  Why, even the act of breastfeeding was discouraged by doctors and the general public.  And natural childbirth?  Oh, Heavens!  "Why would you want to do that?!!"  LaLeche women were my first encounter with deep thinking strong women who could and would stand for what they felt was right...and would support others to do the same.

Former Nassau County Leaders:  Pat, Nancy, Ginny, Irene, Nikki, Barbara

All these events brought me closer to my beliefs in Nature's complete ability to provide all living beings needs.

My next step was finding Wholistic Health after experiencing the long, repeated illnesses of my four children and myself.  Same symptoms, month after month, week after week (the children would 'take turns')...same prescriptions over and over.  I finally demanded of God (a first for me)..."there is Findhorn!  There must be a place like that for me!  I want it NOW! " 

incredible, huge vegetables were and are grown at Findhorn using no fertilizers or insecticides

About two weeks later, a friend visited and I bellowed out my demands.  "I have a place for you, Irene," he responded.  His information wasn't specific, and when I went to the phone book, there were two choices.  I said a prayer that I choose the best one for me.  I believe I did. 

The Wholistic Health Center and Church of the Realization of the Word of God was then in Manhasset, NY and my journey toward Wholism and actual Realization began.  They practiced "conscious labor," in the same vein as Findhorn and George Ivanovich Gurdjieff; meaning that one focuses and concentrates their carefully planned Intention for the task they perform; realizing the Living Energy and Spirits of Plants, for instance, while gardening.  Native Americans do this.  Only parts of a plant are harvested, after the plant is consulted and asked for permission...and the plant is preserved for the sake of the Earth, its species' survival and sustainabilty, and so that humans might harvest yet again in the future.  Gurdjieffian focus requires the attention on oneself as well...where is the mind wandering to, and what resistance is emerging in one's ego?  How is the personality wandering away from the task at hand?  How is one's ego causing distraction and emotions to arise?  Attention is called to return, and Intention renewed...we try again to fully focus.

I learned to use Chinese Herbs, Ammatherapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Yoga, T'ai Chi Chuan and Metanoia...'change of mind' through Esoteric Studies, to improve and increase my Health of Mind, Body and Spirit.  For 18 years I was a patient, student and for four years also employee of this beloved place, which then became known as the New School for Wholistic Health Education and Research.  Today, with new owners, it is the New York College.  Their teaching has changed, and I am eternally grateful for the sound basis I was able to receive under direction of Robert C. and Tina Sohn and their serious Students and Colleagues.  They were the forefront, along with others like Jandi's Nature Way, (a still wonderful Health Food Store) who held fast to high principles and endured many difficulties to bring Wholism forth and initiate the marriage of Nature's Healing and Wholistic Medicine to Allopathy.  The challenge is not over...big pharm wants the whole market, and will do some uncanny things to get it.  I however, am secure in what I know and what I will allow in my body and my life.  I am here to support others who are in the same frame of mind.

The religious and spiritual training I received under Dr. Sohn's direction included Vedic, Taoist, Buddhist and Jewish teachings coupled with Quantum Physics and the intense work of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff and Peter Ouspensky.  Guru Dev, as we then called him, drew parallels for us through allegory and personal stories...I learned the meaning of eclecticism...of how indeed life is a web, and the beliefs of humans are connected...starting with the same basic truth, then expressing through cultural differences.  This is the basis of my feeling that I am an Eclectic, and a Vitalist...I see goodness and truth in all people's ways, though I may not agree with their methods.  Robert Sohn introduced us to things like Sound Healing and more, long before these became we can go to You Tube and pull up a video about any of it!

Mission and Purpose

The Dr. Robert C. and Tina Sohn Foundation has been formed to continue the vision and legacy of its founders to support the environment and alternative health care modalities. The Sohns lived their lives connected to both the spiritual and temporal worlds, committed to healing the spirit and at the same time preserving the planet and our physical beings. Their vision of a "wholistic" life, lived synergistically with nature and the environment, in which all people can breathe clean air and eat wholesome, organic food, continues in the Foundation.

The Foundation will support a broad spectrum of causes which are committed to all aspects of environmental protection, including global warming, sustainability, reduction of dependency on fossil fuels and reduction of our carbon footprints. It will also support efforts to improve the quality of health care through alternative medicine and treatment.

While the scope of the Foundation's efforts are largely centered on the foregoing, the Foundation has the flexibility to contribute to such other causes as the Trustees believe are consistent with the Sohns' vision, including alleviation of poverty, education and the arts.

©2008 Dr.Robert C. and Tina Sohn Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

I had no idea there was a true Ammatherapist available in Sedona!

In 1989 I began studying Silva Mind Control.  This was my first encounter with form Meditation training, though Guru Dev had explained it, and at that time I was amazed at the claims made for the human mind by Jose Silva, who  invested 30 years and $500,000 (that’s $2 million dollars today) developing his techniques. He proved his method by first training 39 people in Laredo, Texas to develop their psychic abilities. As word spread, he assembled a team of instructors and together since the 1950s, they have trained over 1 million people worldwide.  Jose Silva was the world’s leading researcher in this field… the first to develop a method to actually train anyone who wishes, to use their natural psychic ability.  First he developed the Silva Method in the 1970s. But his real breakthrough occurred just before his death in 1999: Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System. This new ESP System involves communicating with higher intelligence, as well as all the various aspects of mental telepathy.

From Winter 1994 to Winter 1995 I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Swedish Massage at the Institute for Wholistic Health Education and Research, Degree not yet Awarded.  It has provided a good background for me, however, in understanding the physiology of a human being, and the flow of energy that enlivens us.  I employ this knowledge in my Healing Sessions.

I became a Transcendental Meditator in the 1970s, initiated by my own Cousin Michael, in Long Island, NY.  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who brought the technique to the USA after the Beatles found him in India, was taught by his Guru Dev, Beloved  Swami Brahmananda Saraswati,[5] who was the Shankaracharya (spiritual leader) of Jyotir Math, located in the Indian Himalayas from 1941 to 1953. The Maharishi credits the Shankaracharya (Guru Dev) with inspiring his teachings. Saraswati from ancient traditions directly from Rishis.  Maharishi created great centers and pilot communities and archetypal examples for living pure and satisfying lives.  (Thankyou Wikipedia.)  Now that we have You Tube, and the ability to hear/see Maharishi now in all his stages of life...I so wish I'd met him in person.  For a time I had a dish network on which I followed his activities and teachings.  He was an extremely wise man and I guess we each need our process before we can accept the simplicity of a free life, experiencing bliss and boundlessness.

Yogic Flyers 

This is the best video of Yogic Flying I've seen yet, with John Hagelin explaining how and why!

In 1997 I took several courses at Molloy College:  "Building and Mending our Fences," "How to Grieve to Avoid Future Problems,"  Therapeutic Touch...and even an Introduction to Computers!  Later that year I successfully completed the Training Program QuarkXpress, while still not the owner of a computer.  Later that year I took the plunge, purchased a computer, and the Windhorse was born!!!  I had read Sogyal Rinpoche's Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and also Chogyam Trungpa's Shambhalla, The Sacred Path of the Warrior, where the concept of Windhorse settled deeply in my heart.  It means "Basic Goodness," and I have always tried to find the most basic concept to build my value system upon.  When told I must have a "Nick" (nickname)...Windhorse was the obvious choice.

Sogyal Rinpoche has had a great influence on me as well.  

I met him through my Cousin's kind sharings of her Teacher...she has been his Acolyte for some 30 years.  He is a compelling speaker, with an infectious giggle...and it was a pleasant surprise to see him acting in "The Littlest Buddha."  Part of Sogyal Rinpoche's mission is attending to the dying...and his Students are involved in that.


I was a member of the High School Chorus and as an adult I sang in a local Choir for three years; I love to sing...used to sing the Blues at 'jams' and open mikes...I'm rather eclectic myself! 

Frame Drumming!  I attended workshops with the wonderful Layne Redmond.  I so admire her talent, skill and most of all, her down to earth compassionate nature...and the joy she expresses in her performance!  Also, I studied Leaders' techniques from the great Al ___ of Community Drums Circle in California.  He is a dynamo!

The New Millenium, 2000, inspired me to evolve further.  I entered Seminary and was Ordained an Interfaith Minister at the Epiphany Roman Catholic Church in New York City on August 12, 2000.  Once again, my Spirit guided me to the kind of Teacher that means most to me; the great Rabbi Joseph Gelberman.  He fostered Interfaith understanding with beloved Swami Satchidinanda, who I'd also met on his Birthday celebration at his ashram.  I am amazed at the wondrous people...Angels?  I've have the privilege to meet and learn from.

It is my pleasure and privilege to have Married many couples, given Handfasting, Baby Blessing/Namings, and  worked with Feng Shui Practicioner Carole Provenzale.  After completion of her changes to the building, I came to Bless both the Staff and Residents at the Jones Manor Senior Facility here on Long Island.  I have also had the honor of leading Memorials and Funerals.  Spiritual Counsel supports all facets of Spirit and Physiology, and I am available by appointment. 

For about a year I co-lead a Women's Circle, and hosted Drum Circles here at Windhorse Transformative Services.  Currently, musicians are giving concerts...keep watch on the calender!

Next I added Reiki, First degree on August 27, 2000.  Hari Krishna Shah came from Bangalore, India, to initiate us into the traditions of  Dr. Mikau Usui and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living (not the musician).  My experience during Hari's attunement was filled with color.

From November 14, 2001 to August 2002, I studied with Drs. A.K.B. and Donna Pillai.  A.K.B. is from Kerala, India.  This was life coaching, insightful work and personal journaling which they call Integral Development.  I believe they have returned to India.  A.K.B. wrote Transcendental Self in 1930, and the book was a basis of my study.  Donna taught the first few sessions which included an introduction to the delicious and intelligent diet of India. 

As I love to write, I've been a member of the International Women's Writing Guild.  With several books in process, I'm bound to publish one sooner or later!

The Second Degree Reiki was bestowed by my own cousin Richard in Rhode Island, in 2002, and I felt a huge strength and power from it...I've applied Reiki healings for horses, dogs, cats, birds and people.  Actually, my innate belief in healing was employed for Richard after he'd been in a terrible car accident.  I visited him in the hospital, projected my love and healing energy, and continued distance healing.  At that time (1970's?) I was careful not to tell anyone what I was doing.  Though the Saints and Jesus had done it, I was unusual to think I could.  I wasn't sure, but I had faith in the human capacity.  How interesting that later Richard would attune me to the very precepts I was afraid to admit to.

Spring of 2003 found me in Wyoming for more in-depth Vedic study.

Diane Ruth Shewmaker was my guest and held a workshop at my home where I and others achieved our Masters of Reiki.  Diane attuned the group in Usui and then Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki as Master Teacher; completed on November 23, 2003.

October 2004 began my formal training in Medicinal Aromatherapy, as I achieved Level One.

In April, 2005 I enjoyed the glory of Arizona in bloom as I earned my Level Two in Medicinal Aromatherapy.  I feel my Wisdom of the Earth Essences outshine all others.  They are all I personally use, and I endorse them as an Independent Distributor as well.  Call me at 516-361-2545.

In August 2005 I took a Reiki refresher with Lorry Saluzzi

Next, Astara Urael of ONEHeart Love bestowed Chou (Butterfly) Reiki Mastery (level One August 28, 2006, Level Two September 18, 2006 and Master October 9, 2006) and Dolphin Reiki September 12, 2006.

I first heard of Sound Healing from Fabian Mamoun when I attended his workshop at the Open Center in NYC in the 1970's.  With the Kairos Institute of New Mexico I later achieved Acutonics Level I, Sound Gates to Meridian Harmonics, under tutelage of Suzanne Clegg on February 19, 2007

From October 5-10, 2008, I attended Matrix Energetics Intensive with founder Richard Bartlett, and his daughter under the auspices of the Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior, Portola Valley, California and Omega Institue for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, NY

Indeed, the ongoing opportunities for us nowadays to study with World Teachers and Visionaries is vast, through books, DVDs, CDs...added to that, my long-accumulated library contains hundreds of VHS and audio cassettes, which I hope to retrieve in the latest formats.  I've followed the great thinkers all my life, and all the world and universe is my school.  Perhaps next will be a Reference Page for all the wondrous people and books that have influenced me.

I'm enormously blessed to be the mother of four amazing adults, twelve fantastic grandchildren and one adorable great grandchild that has a twinkle in her eye and most always smiling!  My children are doing well and I think  all  the Grands and Great Grand have bright futures.

Blessed IS!

Reverend Irene Windhorse

Eclectic, Vitalist, non-denominational Minister, Energy Healer, Aromatherapist


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